Ross on Wye Golf Club

Health and Safety Advice.

This page provides advice to members and visitors of the risks identified on The Ross on Wye Golf Course, golf course. It is a policy of RoWGC that ALL players are insured for 3rd party risk to which end, all members, green fee players and invited guests are automatically insured through the Clubs insurance policy.

In the case of an emergency:
Call +44 (0) 1989 720267 or the Emergency Services on 999 (the postcode is HR9 7UT) and inform the Office or Pro Shop.

First Aid Boxes: Are located in the Bar area, Office, Pro Shop and Greenkeeping Compound.

The Ross on Wye Golf Club on Course Risk Highlighter

The Clubs comprehensive updated risk assessment is available in the clubhouse and on the club website – here.

It is recommended that all members and visitors read the comprehensive version.

If any doubt exists as to any assessed risk and solutions to identified risks then these are to be brought to be conveyed to the Cub Office for clarification.

1. Be aware of the behaviour of other golfers and their place on the course. Do not play a shot until you are sure there is little risk of your ball hitting any other person particularly if you are hitting towards an area hidden from your view. Always shout "FORE" if you hit a wayward shot.

2. In foggy conditions refer to the clubs fog policy.

3. Many bunkers have steeply sloping sides. The risk of slipping on these slopes is high. Always enter and leave from the lowest point and never take trolleys on to these slopes.

4. Many tees and greens have sloping sides. To avoid risk of slipping and skidding do not take trolleys on to slopes surrounding tees.

5. In wet conditions many slopes are very slippery. lt is essential that footwear designed for golf is worn at all times.

6. There is a pond containing deep water on the 12th hole. It as a steep slope in front of the tee sides and is designated as a water hazard by yellow posts. Entry to the areas on the pond side of the yellow posts should be made only in extreme circumstances and with great care. No trolleys are to be taken on the pond side of the yellow posts.

7. Directional notices are in place on the course, Deviation from indicated directions will be at the entire risk and responsibility on the individual.

8. Ditches run along and across many holes. The sides of ditches can be steep and the ditches deep. Do not walk inside the line of the hazard posts. If entering the area inside the hazard posts then extreme care must be taken not to slip into the ditch. All trolleys/buggies must be left at least 3 metres from any ditch. When retrieving a ball from a ditch a long-handled ball retriever should be used. Players should avoid entering a ditch and extra care must be taken in entering and exiting.

9. The Course Manager, his deputy, the Managing Secretary, Greens Chair or Club professional will determine whether the ground conditions warrant restriction to be placed on the use of buggies and or trollies.

10. Any accidents occurring on the course are to be reported immediately to the Club Office or if the office is not attended, to the Professional shop.

Specific identified risk solutions.

Golf Buggy and Trolley Policy



Other Health and Safety Considerations: Fertiliser and Insecticides etc. on the ground: Do not lick golf balls or fingers. A notice on the 1st Tee will advise when spraying is in progress. Players are advised to take heed of the warnings and protect themselves.

Greenkeeping Staff: Greenkeeping Staff have priority at all times. Always make sure that they are aware of your presence before you play your shot. The Greenkeeping Staff are instructed to signal to you when it is safe to play.

The Practice Ground & Range: Persons must take care when crossing to/from the Range. Persons using the practice area and range are expected to be aware at all times of danger to others and to themselves. Care must be taken at all times to avoid accidents or injuries to themselves or others who may be present on the practice area and range and may not hit balls when the range is being cut or balls are being collected.

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